Hi there!!

Your judicial hearing and appeal were  remarkable.  I admire your courage and honesty in the lion's den, alone.  A reader easily senses an inner dignity and composure, a sense of fairness springing from the self-confidence of a studied position, carefully and moderately presented to protectors of the 'club'.  Not the protectors of the mandate which calls for the existence of the 'club', the bible, but of the 'club' itself.  You revealed their self-interest in self-preservation within the structure of arbitrarily imposed rules only superficially attributed to the bible.  They defended not the bible, but the 'club', the organization, and it is obvious to readers who will bother to access your page.  The logical devices you present are clear and right on point. It is an excellent page.  I hope you believe the anxiety of your experience was proper metal for the person it proved you to be, and the effort you have produced to define it to others.



Hi James,

My name is _______.  As of this moment I've been inactive for about three years.  I am appalled by what I've just read.  I have no family in the Watchtower and it tears me up every time I read one of these stories.  But I just want you to know if you ever need to contact me I'll be there for you the best I can.  It's a shame that they can do this to people and get away with it.  However, experiences like yours are invaluable because they are no doubt having an effect on people inside and outside the Watchtower. they won't be able to keep this going as long as a voices keep crying out. 




As a believer in the Catholic faith, after reading your meeting transcripts I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  Sick because I didn't know God gave such a malignant power to His churches and sick because what took place during those meetings was practiced during Medieval times.  I am flabbergasted and shocked to know that a religion who believes in Jesus Christ would even consider "kicking out" its own members and brand them apostates or heretics because they disagree with something "headquarters" says.

It was interesting to see how very much the Jehovah's Witness church parallels a cult.  What I mean by this is how they restrict what you can and cannot do and who you can and cannot associate with.  I do think that a majority of the followers of the Jehovah's Witness faith are good, God-fearing people; but that it's the people "at the helm" who are distorting the word of the Bible and are guilty of  false prophecy.  It is also very sad to see those good, God-fearing people being deceived and wronged by an organization who claims to be for the good.

As a non-JW, I feel that your website is very interesting and if you are able to make a difference and show current members of that organization how they are being deceived, then that is all that matters.  It's too bad, however, that you had to endure such pain and heartache. But in the end, it will all pay off and you'll be in a better place spiritually.



Dear James,

I stumbled across your website tonight and thought of writing you and letting you know that I think what you did with it was "right on the money". I don't know anything about the witnesses, nor do I want to, but what I read from the questions you posed, they are another secular cult preying on man's inability to govern himself spiritually.  I'm not the most spiritual person  in the world.  I am a Christian, I believe in God and his son.  I also believe it's my relationship with him and no one else's.  My relationship with Christ is unique to me.  Just like yours is to you. Who am I, or any other person or group, to tell you that that relationship is wrong, invalid because of dogma?  Answer:  I can't.  No one can. 



Dear Brother,

I was given a deeper understanding of how deep rooted the self deception can be within the WTS.

I am a God fearing Christian (saved by grace through faith in Christ) who has been fellowshipping at a Baptist church up in Ottawa Canada. James, I appreciate that you were trying to correctly handle God's word - quite capably as I read it.

I'm sorry that your circle of friends and family has become much smaller. I'm aware that your findings in scripture weren't compatible with staying in fellowship with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  I'm glad that the courage of your convictions brought you through this process - frustrating though it must have been.

I'm not sure where you now fellowship, but, I hope you have found a place where people value the authority of scripture as you evidently do. (sola scriptura)

Perhaps your social network has changed dramatically - but I wouldn't be at all surprised if through a relationship with Christ - your family has actually "increased" in size.

If that relationship does exist -  I would be extremely happy.  For I would have found in you - another brother in the Lord.

God bless you James!



Dear brother in Christ:

I have read with deep interest your "Judicial  hearings". I have found them very revealing of the JW's elders mindset.

I've been a Witness myself for many years ( 27 years). I live in Colombia, South America. I served as a ministerial servant for 8 years, 3 year a regular pioneer, I worked during one year at "Bethel."

Last February I sent a 7- page letter to the elders, to resign as a ministerial servant. I did it because I no longer share the WT beliefs about blood. A Judicial hearing was formed, first with three local elders, then with the circuit and district overseer. They decided to disfellowship me, but I appealed.

To make this long story short, I was not disfellowshipped because in my appeal letter I transcribed several Laws from the Colombian Constitution that clearly indicate that to disfellowship somebody goes against the laws of this country (freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, right to a good name). There is also a law that states that if a private or public database has your name on it, you have the right to read that information and to correct it, should you find a mistake. The WT in Colombia fears to be sued, so they don't disfellowship me,  as long as I "remain silent" with my "apostate ideas."

Reading experiences just like yours, makes me think a lot of things. I have stopped attending meetings, even though my parents, who are active JW's feel very disappointed at me.

I pray that Our Lord helps millions of JW's see the truth. Keep up the good work at the www.disfellowshipped.org.

Very truly yours,


Good morning,

I did not fair very well at all right after being disfellowshipped.

I was baptized at the age of 13, having heard many talks urging me to do so. I had always thought of baptism as something not to be taken lightly, I remember thinking 18 was a young age to be baptized but at the urging of my parents and seeing other even younger ones getting baptized I thought their must be something wrong with me if I don't want too.........and that was were it all started, shortly after this I found myself becoming disillusioned with the "society" although I didn't really know what was wrong with it, something just didn't feel right. I began to rebel, started drinking and ditching school, messing around with girls,  the bad thing was that I still accepted the society as the only true religion and found myself angry at god. 

 I decided to get my family & old friends back by getting reinstated, it was then that I really started studying the bible on my own and started seeing why I was disillusioned with the society.  When I would hear a talk and they would quote a scripture I would look up the scripture and read the entire chapter not just what they were quoting, I started noticing them using scriptures out of context  and making them suit their needs (something they deny doing and accuse other religions of doing). I noticed they really don't study the bible they refer to the bible, taking things out of context and warping the meaning. I started praying more and more for the real truth and reading the bible more and more, eventually I moved out of my parents house, which was necessary to quit meetings all together.

Spiritually I am doing better than ever, I am finally clearing all those false teachings from my mind by reading the real truth of God's word the bible not man's word the watchtower.

I do still have some family, my parents still talk to me although my aunts, uncles, and cousins who are JWS do not speak to me, an aunt of mine who recently saw me just walked right past me later saying she didn't notice me, that she avoids eye contact with people who look like me, and my father does not say more than hi and bye if that. 

I now have real friends who would not stop talking to me just because of my beliefs. I can freely discuss my views with them and not worry about being labeled a doubter or apostate, just a  truth seeker. Well that's my story my friend, their are a lot of us out there as you know and its a very honorable thing that you have done with your  website. I am sure Christ has helped others through it, for if they are  seeking the real truth, they will find it.

your brother in Christ,


Hi James!

Just read your account on your website.....quite impressive.......you really gave those brothers a run for their money!  I could almost count the drops of sweat on their foreheads! I was associated for about 25 years, but always had doubts and when I got baptized at 18, I did it because of peer pressure and shame.  You are an extraordinary young man and I wish you all the best in your future career both as a Christian and an opera singer!


I have read your two transcripts and for some odd reason was not surprised at how they treated you. When you are in the "truth" it is like you have blockers on your eyes. Even if something is right in front of you, you seem to not be able to see it. I was this way too, if anyone said anything against my teachings, it was automatically blocked out. I call this plain and simple....brainwashing! You never second guess the literature put before you, it must be error free, as it comes from Bethel and it is "inspired by Jehovah." I love the way you handled yourself with the elders, that was awesome! You really gave them quite a fight. I loved the way you talked to them, gave me chill bumps. You were so straight forward, not in a rude way, just politely told them how it was. Took the scriptures they pointed at you and took them apart. It was great! I just want to commend you on your attitude, I don't see what we are doing as apostate, I'm not trying to form a sect or anything, I just have issues that for some reason most witnesses are blind too. Thank you for being so brave and standing up for yourself like you did, you are a great inspiration to me. Thank you for your time. I feel bad for you, that you were stripped of your lifelong friends especially in such a dirty way. I hope that since some time has passed you are having a better life.

Your friend...

Dear James

I read your judicial committee on the website the other day and I wanted to express to you how empty and sad it made me feel.  Everything you asked came spontaneously, like a dialogue should sound. And they sounded like their script was not revised or they weren't rehearsed properly.  It almost sounded like an outer body conversation.  Correction, not even a dialogue, but more like a mechanical process.  I don't know how else to explain it.  They tried to fit God in a box. How sad.




I'm reading your appeal. It's incredible! I had to stop halfway through page 7 to tell you that you made a brilliant argument regarding accepting the inspired words of Paul versus the uninspired words of J. F. Rutherford in regards to our hope. You're brilliant! I too am dumbfounded just like brother M2. I'm impressed with the deep spiritual knowledge you have regarding Christ and what was written about him by the apostles and disciples. I find that in our "studies of the scriptures" we always concentrate on Jehovah and not  enough about Jesus. Not that I have anything against always talking about God. But for example when I read your transcripts, I was astounded at how highly Christ is regarded by his apostles and disciples, almost to the point of eclipsing God. 

I'm a 38 year old 2nd generation Jehovah's Witness living on the fringe of the Watchtower Society. I live in ________.  I'm married with 3 Children. My wife is a witness, my parents and in-laws are witnesses. All my friends are witnesses. Are you starting to get the picture? 

I'm researching various websites such as yours as well as others. I obtained old books written by Rutherford and Russell, and compare statements made by 'apostates' to Watchtower literature.

Yet what do I do? Once I come to a certain conclusion (i.e. the Watchtower Society is NOT the 'faithful and discreet slave'), what then? I'm trapped. If I disassociate myself or if I get disfellowshipped, I'll loose my family and friends. My social life as I currently know it will be over. I just don't know what to do. And yet I have no desire to continue in this religion. I have a void in my heart that begs me to fill it with Jesus. But with the current method of worship I follow does not allow that void to be filled. What's worse, is that I have 3 children who need guidance and love. But I don't want to teach them the WT form of worship.

What did you do after you got disfellowshipped? 




I just got finished reading your website and the judicial and appeal committee's sections and I just wanted to say that you did such a great job of exposing the foolish and robotic reasoning behind the WT mindset. 

I have never been a witness but am a born again Christian, and I feel God may be calling me to reach out to people trapped in this group and others. I have been studying the WT doctrines for a couple of years and collect their old books and such. I feel such a burden for these people, yet every time I meet with them I get so frustrated at their obvious logical fallacies and inconsistencies. I appreciate the patience and wisdom you have shown in those 'interrogations' and I pray that in my future meetings with them I might show half as much grace and longsuffering. 

As for the lost family members and friends, you know what Jesus said about all that. And since I do the will of God I am your brother in Christ and I am sure that God will put more solid relationships in your life, rather than empty ones based on doctrinal position. I am so thankful that you have been freed. Isn't it awesome, this freedom in Christ we share? I love God so much and I rejoice at testimonies like yours. If you are ever in the ________ area, I would love to talk with you.

Love in the Lord,



Your story is truly incredible. My wife and I are in our mid 20's and have been finding out things right and left about the WTS's history. We are right outside of _______ in the _________ area. We are moving to __________  in 2 months - we figure its the only way for us to get out of this cult without getting disfellowshipped or disassociated. Even then it probably isn't fool-proof. A friend of ours in the next congregation was recently reproved just for questioning the WTS-UN connection. The society is really putting a stranglehold on information and your story is among the many stories of proof.

I think basically the reason we feel we need to move so far away is because we wouldn't be allowed to "fade away." My mom is a severely brainwashed pioneer and is always on top of us. I'm sure you know the type. We are going to set up a PO Box and work out a way for our publisher record cards to work their way into our hands. Hopefully, by doing that, we will have disappeared according to the WTS. 

I'm not sure where we are in our spiritual journey right now. We are confused about a lot of things. There are so many things that we've been taught and were led to believe were true that are not based on the bible. The more research we do, the more we realized how misled we have been. Its depressing, but I'd rather know the truth anyway. After all, according to the JW's, our pursuit is truth. Although when they say this, they mean truth filtered through the WTS. Its really nice to know that there are other people out there like us and that we aren't crazy! 

talk to you later,

Dear James,

Thank you so much for your web site. I never have been a member of the JW Religion. However I did study among the Witnesses off and on for a number of years. I have been to the Kingdom Hall on several occasions and once to a circuit assembly.  I still have a deep respect and a genuine affection for the Witnesses that I have known personally.  I always appreciated many of the teachings because I found many to be in line with the Scriptures, but there were other features of the religion that I just could not reconcile with Scripture. 

In my search for truth and understanding I have been, through the course of several years, investigating the Watchtower and its history. I found that the most helpful books were "Crisis of Conscience", "In Search of Christian Freedom" by Ray Franz "The Gentile Times Reconsidered" and "Sign of the Last Days." by Carl Olof Johnson. These books really served to confirm and to articulate many of the conclusions that I had come to concerning various tenets of the Watch Tower Society. 

I wholeheartedly agree with you about small home fellowship. My wife and I study the Scriptures with my cousin's family every Wednesday evening at their house. We also study the Bible together by ourselves about once a week.  I am looking forward to making new friends and getting together with more Christians in the future.  I tend to believe that there are genuine Christians in multiple religious settings, including Jehovah's Witnesses.  I will lend my support to any Christian organization and to any Christian individual, but only to the extent that their teachings and practices are in harmony with those of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the Holy Scriptures. 

What I found most unsettling about the JW's was the legalistic approach as well as their unfounded claims of religious authority and exclusivism. What I found especially disturbing was their long record of setting dates for the return of Christ and of Armageddon. Their current teaching concerning 1914, in my estimation, represents a serious deviation from the true Christian Gospel. Because in effect their saying, "If you don't believe that Christ came in 1914 and gave us authority, you have no hope of salvation" When I read the Scriptures I find that a belief about a certain date simply has no bearing on our salvation, rather I found that what counts is our loyalty and faith in God's Son and in the sacrifice that he made. 

It is extremely sad, but very typical among religious men and religious groups in general,  the imposition of legalism accompanied by presumptuous claims of religious authority. The same type of thing occurred in the first century, there were men who rose within the church whom Paul called "false brethren secretly brought in, who slipped in to spy on the liberty we have in Christ Jesus." Immediately within the early congregation men sought to impose the law of circumcision "in order to be saved." 

Perhaps there exists a parallel with the Watch Tower Society, in that they insist that people accept and practice certain things in order to be saved (1914, organization,  F & D slave class, blood transfusions, etc.), things that have no basis in the Bible. The same can be said of other religious organizations, and even with regard to the "Trinity", because some are in effect saying, "if you don't accept the Trinity doctrine, you cannot be saved." My heart is open to any and all persons endeavoring to live a godly life in accordance with the Good News about Jesus Christ. Even if I believe that certain people are in error about certain doctrines, I will still embrace them as my brother or sister in Christ, I don't believe that certain wrong beliefs necessarily nullify the true things they believe, the faith that they have, and the Christ like attitude that they demonstrate.

Love and Respect,

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