When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears it, that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation. 

 Proverbs 18:13 New World Translation


In an article entitled The Historical Development of Freedom of Speech, Awake! Magazine says the following:

Freedom-loving people are hard-pressed to understand why some governments and religions would withhold this freedom from their people. It is denial of a basic human right, and many people throughout the world suffer under suppression of this freedom. (Awake 7/22/96)

The article then goes on to recount how Jehovah's Witnesses in the twentieth century have been in the forefront championing this cherished freedom. Interestingly, this "freedom-championing" organization denies its own members the "basic human right"  and many throughout the Watchtower Society suffer under suppression of this freedom. 

Members who in private conversation express a theological opinion divergent from that published by the Watchtower Society face accusations of "apostasy." This in turn results in their being officially summoned to closed-door Judicial courts

The congregation elders who then chair these committees function as prosecuting lawyers and both judge and jury. The accused is not conceded any witnesses. There are no independent observers, no public records or defense council. In short, the Watchtower Society has created a judiciary system no enlightened country would ever permit. 

Welcome to the star-chamber courts of Jehovah's Witnesses. We cordially invite you to witness  the medieval tactics employed by a religious organization that denies its own members the very freedom it champions for itself - freedom of speech.   

Judicial Committee Meeting of James Caputo
Appeal Committee Meeting of James Caputo
Judicial Committee Meeting of Dale & Bette Baker
Judicial Committee Meeting of Jim Rizoli's

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