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The Watchtower and Medical Quackery




"God uses The Watch Tower to communicate to his people; it does not consist of men's opinions." - Watchtower 1/1/1942, page 5 

"It has never been proven that no single disease is due to germs." - The Golden Age, Jan 16, 1924

I HAVE named this new discovery, which I believe will be epochal in the history of the treatment of disease, and which I am exclusively announcing in THE GOLDEN AGE prior to its general publication elsewhere, The Electronic Radio Biola, which means life renewed by radio waves or electrons. The Biola automatically diagnoses and treats diseases by the use of the electronic vibrations. The diagnosis is 100 percent correct, rendering better service in this respect than the most experienced diagnostician.... THE principle of operation of the Biola is the collection... of the disease vibrations.... the fluid containing the same waves or vibrations enters the body, meets the disease waves and destroys them.... This is a great step forward, marking the Biola as the most valuable treatment apparatus obtainable today, and well worthy of notice in the columns of a magazine like THE GOLDEN AGE." - The Golden Age, April 22, 1925

"Disease is Wrong Vibration. From what has thus far been said, it will be apparent to all that any disease is simply an 'out of tune' condition of some part of the organism. In other words the affected part of the body 'vibrates' higher or lower than normal...the Electronic Radio Biola...automatically diagnoses and treats diseases by the use of electronic vibrations. The diagnosis is 100 percent correct, rendering better service in this respect than the most experienced diagnostician, and without any attending cost." - Advertisement for the Watchtower Electronic Radio Biola, The Golden Age, Apr. 22, 1925, pp. 453.

Thinking people would rather have smallpox than vaccination, because the latter sows the seed of syphilis, cancers, eczema, erysipelas, scrofula, consumption, even leprosy and many other loathsome affections. Hence the practice of vaccination is a crime, an outrage and a delusion." - The Golden Age, May 1, 1929 page 502

"Avoid serum inoculations and vaccinations as they pollute the blood stream with their filthy pus." - The Golden Age, Nov. 13, 1929, pp. 106, 107


Vaccines cause demonism, and are useless. - The Golden Age, Feb. 4, 1931, pp .293, 294

Vaccines are a cruel hoax. - The Golden Age, May 31, 1939, p.3


...the vaccination law reduces the father and mother to mere slavery, almost as bad as the colored people were in, when their children were put up on the block and sold. In many slave-sale cases the mother and father were even forbidden to shed tears. Vaccination is a direct violation of the everlasting covenant that God made with Noah after the flood. - The Golden Age, February 4, 1931, p. 293

"The Journal of the A. M. A. is the vilest sheet that passes the United States mail.... Nothing new and useful in therapeutics escapes its unqualified condemnation. Its attacks are generally ad hominem. Its editorial columns are largely devoted to character assassination.... Its editor [Morris Fishbein] is of the type of Jew that crucified Jesus Christ." - The Golden Age, Sep. 26, 1934

"A CERTAIN "health" commissioner offered the suggestion a short time ago that no mother could give her child a better present for "Christmas" than diphtheria immunization, meaning an injection of filthy and poisonous serum.

It is said that diphtheria is particularly deadly of late, and that seems likely. Parents cannot give their children the foods needed to build sturdy bodies that can resist the disease. But while parents are not able to get proper foods, they can get the serum injections for their children free. The Devil is bent on destroying the human family, denying them the necessary comforts of life, and urging them to give their children "Christmas" presents of germ-laden pus. What a travesty of civilization!" - The Golden Age, Mar. 27, 1935, p. 409

"The public is not generally aware of how large an industry is the manufacture of serums, anti-toxins and vaccines, or that big business controls the whole industry.... the boards of health endeavor to start an epidemic of smallpox, diphtheria, or typhoid that they may reap a golden harvest by inoculating an unthinking community for the very purpose of disposing of this manufactured filth....- The Golden Age, Jan. 3, 1923, p. 214

Vaccination summed up is the most unnatural, unhygienic, barbaric, filthy, abhorrent, and most dangerous system of infection known. Its vile poison taints, corrupts, and pollutes the blood of the healthy, resulting in ulcers, syphilis, scrofula, erysipelas, tuberculosis, cancer, tetanus, insanity, and death." - The Golden Age, Jan. 3, 1923, p. 214


"...the irrefutably logical fact that serums and vaccines are products of contamination...rise in cancer is attributed to the use of serums...for the best part they are but handicaps to inherent healing forces of the human body...these are by-products of pus reality and action it is worse than the proverbial "seven plagues"...One may go through life without having serious manifestations of what has been injected into his blood-stream, thus thinking he was "immunized", but, suddenly, it may begin its satanic work on his child, or even "unto third and fourth generation". - Consolation, Mar. 22, 1939, p. 21


"We do well to bear in mind that among the drugs, serums, vaccines, surgical operations, etc., of the medical profession, there is nothing of value save an occasional surgical procedure. Their so-called "science" grew out of Egyptian black magic and has not lost its demonological character.... we shall be in a sad plight when we place the welfare of the race in their hands." - The Golden Age, Aug. 5, 1931, pp. 727, 728

"One of the simplest we know of for La Grippe and Typhoid Fever, especially in their earlier stages, is to put the bulk of a pea of cayenne pepper into a little milk, stir it thoroughly and swallow it. Do this twice a day for about three days." - The Watchtower, May 15, 1915 (Reprints p. 5689)

"Stupid children require attention for a different reason. It has been estimated that from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 American school children have adenoids, diseased tonsils and other glandular defects, which are making them appear stupid and are causing them to be backward in school. The child troubled with adenoids breathes through his mouth, and a lax lower jaw and vacant, sleepy eyes gives an unmistakable expression of stupidity and dullness. The transformation in such children when the adenoids, by a slight operation, are removed, is often very rapid. The child with adenoids is stupid and sleepy, because he is not getting enough oxygen, and his blood is consequently laden with impurities and the cells of his the brain are not properly nourished." - The Golden Age, Oct. 1, 1919, p. 19

"Even years ago it was known by some people that the use of pacifiers by babies is one of the chief causes of diseased and enlarged tonsils and adenoid growths, which result from the suction." - The Golden Age, Nov. 26, 1919, p. 153

"The Golden Age (by way of extractions) stated some time ago that approximately 65 percent of earth's millions were moronists, or had the mentality of a child from 12 to 15 years of age. That being true (and it appears to be)..." - The Golden Age, Dec. 11, 1929, p. 180

"ONCE a year there is a wholesale removal of the tonsils of all new inmates of the Odd Fellows Home at Corsicana, Texas. The man who cuts out these tonsils probably feels that he is improving upon the work of the Creator in the original design of these children, but as a matter of fact he is lessening their powers of resistance against disease and positively harming them." - The Golden Age, Nov. 28, 1928, p. 142.

"Few people know that the normal functioning of the bowels and a clean intestinal tract make it impossible to become sick....From four to six quarts of warm water injected into the colon is what constitutes an internal bath. It should be taken every day for at least six months..."
- The Golden Age, Mar. 31, 1920, pp. 437, 438

"It has been discovered that many dentifrice's, widely advertised, widely used, and alleged to be excellent for the teeth and gums, are the principal cause of the disease pyorrhea...Take the advice of THE GOLDEN AGE; discontinue all other dentifrice's, use the cheapest and best dentifrice in the world, common baking soda, and be forever free from pyorrhea." - The Golden Age, June 8, 1921, p. 534

"But the dog-rabies-vaccine imposition is the latest.... Rabies! When it has been shown conclusively that there is no such thing as rabies!"
- The Golden Age, Jan. 1, 1923, p. 214

"Hydrophobia (Rabies) is more of a mental hoax than a reality." - The Golden Age, Sept. 23, 1936, p. 814

"There is no food that is right food for the morning meal. At breakfast is no time to break a fast. Keep up the daily fast until the noon hour...Drink plenty of water two hours after each meal; drink none just before eating; and a small quantity if any at meal time. Good buttermilk is a health drink at meal times and in between. Do not take a bath until two hours after eating a meal, nor closer than one hour before eating. Drink a full glass of water both before and after the bath." - The Golden Age, Sep. 9, 1925, pp. 784-785

"PASTEURIZATION of milk simply means holding milk at 142 to 145 degrees for thirty minutes. It is never boiled. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. In cities where pasteurization is required there has been a reduction in deaths from diphtheria and tuberculosis to about half the former number, and a still greater reduction in the number of deaths from typhoid fever, scarlet fever and diarrheal diseases." - The Golden Age, July 7, 1928, p. 67

Pasteur's teachings have cost untold millions in health and they have destroyed unnumbered lives in the world....Pasteurization of milk is only good to preserve it, but bad for the consumer...And so one more gas bag blows up." - The Golden Age, Sept. 23, 1936, p. 814

"Scalded milk, for either adults or children, is very constipating. This in turn causes more deaths and resulting ailments than do all other causes combined, I surely believe." - The Golden Age, Sept. 24, 1929, p. 682

if ten thousand doctors swore on ten thousand Bibles that aluminum ware is harmless to human beings, I would not believe them... - The Golden Age, July 25, 1928, p. 695

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