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Pastor Russell's Anthology


1. King James Version 20. Russell vs. Eaton Debate
2. American Standard Version 21. Russell vs. White Debate
3. Westcott & Hort Interlinear 22. Pastor Russell’s Sermons
4. The Divine Plan of the Ages 23. The Photo-Drama of Creation
5. The Time is at Hand 24. The Bible vs. The Evolution Theory
6. Thy Kingdom Come 25. Charles Taze Russell’s Will
7. The Day of Vengeance 26. Harvest Siftings – Part 1
8. The Atonement Between God and Man 27. Light After Darkness
9. The New Creation 28. Harvest Siftings – Part 2
10. The Finished Mystery 29. Harvest Siftings Reviewed
11. Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices 30. Facts for Shareholders
12. Biography of Pastor Russell 31. Another Harvest Siftings Reviewed
13. The Laodicean Messenger 32. What Scriptures Say About Hell?
14. The Messenger of Laodicea 33. What Scriptures Say About Spiritualism?
15. Object & Manner of Our Lord’s Return 34. What Scriptures Say About Our Lord’s Return?
16. Three Worlds and the Harvest of this World 35. What Pastor Russell Said
17. Food for Thinking Christians 36. Expanded Biblical Comments – Old Testament
18. Daily Heavenly Manna 37. Expanded Biblical Comments – Gospels
19. Hymns of Millennial Dawn 38. Expanded Biblical Comments – Epistles

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