In the Watchtower and Mormon Church a potential convert is required to "clean up his act." If you remember, we had to discontinue any bad habits, give up smoking, drinking, carousing, swearing, get married, and go door to door. In addition, the Mormons have to give up coffee, soda, tea with caffeine, etc. Both also had to get their lives in accord with all the rules of the Watchtower or Mormon Church.

Now, once a person does all that, they must learn all the doctrines and strange beliefs of the organization. When all that is done, then, and only then, can the person present himself to God by getting baptized into the church or organization.

Think about this arrangement. When a person does this, what is being presented to God? Not the real person, but a white-washed person, a phony, an actor, a hypocrite. God doesn't accept white-washed people. Jesus called them, "whitewashed graves."

Sorry, God doesn't accept phonies and you can't fool God. Let me make this perfectly clear: GOD ONLY ACCEPTS THE REAL PERSON; HE ONLY ACCEPTS US AS WE ARE!

GOD ONLY THROWS "COME AS YOU ARE" PARTIES. We come to Him as we are. Only God can change us, so if God wants to change something in our lives, He does it. Any changes we might make are very, very temporary, anyway. So, no other approach to God will succeed, for God cannot be fooled or conned. So, if you haven't done so already, present yourself to God, who will invite you to His party and receive you and love you just as you are.

However, once we come to Christ, we encourage you to completely surrender to God so that His work in your life is not hindered, so that He can effect necessary change.

Additional point one: Jehovah's Witnesses are baptized by water into the Watchtower Society. Mormons are baptized by water into the Mormon Church. Neither baptism saves anyone! Christians are baptized by the Holy Spirit into Jesus Christ. (Rom. 6:3,4) This is the only baptism which saves and there is a substantial difference between the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Watchtower and Mormon baptisms.

Additional point two: The Watchtower cannot make anyone a Jehovah's Witness and the Mormon Church cannot make anyone a Latter-Day-Saint. Only Jesus can make us Witnesses of Yahweh, Jehovah, or Witness of Jesus, and only Jesus can make us "latter-day saints." What the Watchtower really makes is "Watchtower Witnesses" and the Mormon Church only makes Mormons.

Additional point three: In the 120 year history of the Watchtower and the 170 year history of the Mormon Church, they have never brought ONE person to a life-saving relationship with the real Jesus Christ!

Just like the Pharisees, "They traverse land and sea," but only to make these people candidates for Gehenna. God is undoing what these two anti-Christ groups have done. He will continue to rescue His elect!


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