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Help For Former Jehovah's Witnesses and Those Thinking of Leaving

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and Those Thinking of Leaving

Leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses organization has a devastating effect on your life because your entire religious, family and social life are rooted in the religion. Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to make friends outside their religion so in leaving you lose all of your friends including family members that are Jehovah's Witnesses, no Jehovah's Witness will even speak a word to you. I have walked past Jehovah's Witnesses that were close friends for years before I left and they even refused to make eye contact. As an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness you are no longer part of the Watchtower Society and have, therefore, lost all hope of the salvation the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society teaches, the only salvation you know.

Please be assured that salvation does not come to us through the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society or any other organization but only through Jesus Christ. Salvation through Jesus Christ is there for the asking. Jesus Christ is your mediator not the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

I highly recommend you read the "Pure Grace" by Dan Hall. "Pure Grace" provides Biblical explanations of controversial Christian issues, debunks certain Christian “myths,” and presents the pure grace of God, through Jesus Christ

I hope the ideas on this web site help.

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