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Fellowshipping With the Body of Christ

Chapter 13
by Daniel LeEarl Hall

When a person receives Jesus Christ and they are in a Christian church of any kind, they usually stay in that fellowship. However, when someone in the Watchtower or Mormon church receives Christ, some stay temporarily to help their families, but they eventually leave. Though they are free to fellowship anywhere, even at the Kingdom Hall or Mormon Church, their newly alive spirit (Eph 2:1,5) cannot bear hearing the humanistic and anti-Christ message, nor the constant adulation of the "organization" and "Governing Body" of the Watchtower or the Mormon church leaders.

God established the early Christian churches as autonomous! They were not under surveillance by a Governing Body or Apostolic Council in Jerusalem. All Christian fellowship is beneficial and an opportunity to be encouraged and built up by the Word of God and our association with those with whom we will spend eternity. Jesus said that where two or more were gathered, He would be there. Are you currently fellowshipping with other members of the body of Christ, so that you can edify them and in turn be edified by them, so that all are being built up in love and in the faith, to the fullness which belongs to Christ? (Eph. 4:11-16)

The Watchtower Society uses Hebrews 10:24,25 repeatedly, to tell Jehovah's Witnesses that they must attend meetings at the Kingdom Hall. Paul was referring to fellowship, meeting together, but not where Christians would receive information designed to program their minds for obedience to some religion or organization.

This is a very difficult issue for Jehovah's Witnesses, for they have been told that all the churches are evil, under the devil, and full of demons. This is simply a control mechanism. What the churches are full of is wonderful Christians, praising and serving God the Father and rejoicing in Jesus Christ the Son. If we don't fellowship we will not progress as quickly in understanding the real truth, the wonderful grace of God, and learning to live the real Christian life.

God established the provision of fellowship in the first century, and even though man has developed ecclesiastical systems, God has used the Christian churches for nearly 2,000 years to gather His elect and edify His body, His church, and to maintain pure doctrine in regard to the essentials of the orthodox Christian faith. This provision is still functioning today and qualified church leaders continue to work together as Christ's body to resolve Christian issues.

If you wish to grow in grace, find a Christ-centered, non-legalistic fellowship. God has a fellowship for every different type of person, including one for you. Pray about it. He will direct you in your search.

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