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What Must I Do to be Saved

Chapter 5
by Daniel LeEarl Hall

If I don't understand the trinity, am I doomed?

A small group in counter-cult ministry claim we must immediately believe in the deity of Christ and His bodily resurrection or we are not saved. Those who make these claims get themselves into some predicaments. For one, if a person accepts the deity of Christ but not the tri-unity of God, the person would be guilty of polytheism, and in a worse scenario than the person who receives Jesus Christ in faith, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them who Jesus is.

We should be concerned when men add things to salvation. Receiving Jesus as Lord involves accepting His death, burial, and resurrection, for that is the gospel of Christ which saves.(1Cor.15:1-4)

But, if we require that converts immediately believe the trinity or certain aspects of the resurrection, we make salvation dependent upon correct doctrines and we take the job of the Holy Spirit, the only one who teaches us anything spiritual!

Don Nelson clearly showed in a written expose' on the gospel of Christ, "The deity of Christ, His death, burial, and resuffection are basic tenets of the Christian faith, and acknowledged by all believers. " But Don asked, "Did the man on the cross next to Jesus or the jailer and his household grasp that Jesus was God? (Acts16: 31) Were the converted multitudes of Acts 2, instantaneously and miraculously granted an understanding of the true deity of Christ? Making such demands of converts nullifies the words of Jesus to the evil-doer, Paul to the jailer, Peter to the Jews at Pentecost, Philip to the Eunuch, Peter to Cornielius, and so on. Did it not even take the early Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, years to come to the full realization that Jesus was fully God and fully man?"

God is infinite. If we had to comprehend or apprehend God to be saved, then everyone is "dead in the water."

Demanding that new Christians immediately comprehend deep doctrinal issues would place the burden of salvation back on each person, and be comparable to giving a calculus test to Kindergartners and kicking out those who failed. We are not tested as to what we know, but whether Christ is in us! (2Cor. 13:5)

Most people who receive Jesus Christ struggle initially with many spiritual truths, but, there is a substantial difference between rejecting the deity of Christ or the trinity and not understanding these truths. We are all deeply concerned about anyone who rejects the deity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (John 8:24)

If you are struggling with issues, be patient and keep praying for God by His Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you. (Luke 11 :13)

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