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The Blood of Christ

Chapter 8
by Daniel LeEarl Hall

There is no controversy in the body of Christ regarding the resurrection. We accept the bodily resurrection of Christ. If there was any basis for controversy, the church likely would have developed one. There is none, but some have attempted to cause confusion and division in the Body of Christ. As a result, some still have questions:

1. Does Jesus have His blood with Him in heaven?

Answer: Some are dogmatically teaching this. This could mean that He has a physical heart pumping the blood, therefore a circulatory system. Where would He get the oxygen which is needed by the blood? Does Jesus also have a respiratory system and digestive system with all of those organs and His system for elimination? Could this mean that there are toilets in heaven?

You quickly see how ridiculous we can get when we speculate on issues that God does not spell out clearly in His Word.

But, there are some facts which we know regarding Jesus blood. Paul said at Hebrews 9:22, "without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sins." The Greek word for shedding is haimatekchusia and means an effusion of blood. The Greek root word is ekcheo and means to pour forth-gush out, run greedily (out) shed (abroad, forth) spill. Effusion is "an excessive and unrestrained outpouring. "

Was there blood left in Jesus' body? Very little, as His blood was “poured out" in our behalf. There is no indication in scripture that He got a transfusion to make up for any deficit. In the flesh, our life is in the blood. But now, our life is in Jesus Christ. Does a "flesh and bone" body have blood? (Luke 24:39) No human knows and it doesn't matter.

2. What is Jesus like, now? Answer: We do not know. (1John 3:2)

3. Where are the bodies of those who have gone to be with the Lord and are awaiting the resurrection to full glory?

Answer: Orthodoxy says, in the grave.

4. Does that mean they have "shed" their physical bodies?

Answer: Temporarily.

5. What about those whose bodies have been destroyed, those whose ashes were scattered into the ocean, or those lost at sea and eaten by sharks and absorbed into the shark? And what if we eat a shark steak and it has elements of the person?

When we, with our finite minds, attempt to understand the infinite things of God that He has not revealed to us, it becomes silly. In conclusion, if we reject the resurrection, we reject Jesus Christ, for He is the resurrection! (John 11 :25) All believers accept the resurrection, as well as the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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