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I am Not For Sale by C. Ann S.


C. Ann S. 2004

You think you can buy me.
With cheap trinkets, you try me.
You spread out your vice
And then,
Roll the dice.

But I am not for sale!

You lock me up here
In this house full of fear.
You tell me Iím safe,
And then
Rape my faith.

You take all my food.
I am starving, subdued.
You take all my water,
Yes, I am your daughter

But I am not for sale!

The lies of the past
Are catching up fast.
Theyíre standing beside me.
Theyíre standing inside me!

The silence of years
Wrapped in your fears.
Truth twisted and broken.
Truth waiting, unspoken.

What price will you pay
On this fateful day?
When I will trade all
To stand straight and tall

And say
I am not for sale.

The clouds of deception
Clear my perception
For this day I see
What matters to me.

There are tears on my cheek
So you see me as weak
For I dare to love you
Then, gently shove you
Away from me

For I am not for sale.

I know whatís true.
Itís all around you.
Yet, you shut your eyes tight.
To the death you will fight

To force me to take
Your gifts wrapped with hate.
I will escape
With my faith that you raped

For I am not for sale!

Unspeakable words
That you never heard
They lay silent and still
As I bent to your will.

But now I am older.
I am louder!
I am bolder!
You canít lock my door

You canít shut my mouth.
The truth has come out.
You offered your best.
I left it all with the rest.

For I am not for sale!

I will live free
From your hypocrisy.
Starving and thirsty
I leave you with mercy.

I choose not to hate you
In fact, I forgive you.
My wounds ~ they will heal
Torn apart by your zeal.

When I said ,
I am not for sale.

Your hatred misguided.
Our family divided.
Like a tree hit by lightening
The truth far too frightening
For you to see.

The storm set my soul free.
I owe you no apology.
For blinded, you hang fiercely on
To the lies youíve feasted on.

While I sat chained to truth unspoken.
You tempted me with your tokens
But now I walk light and free
Away from your hypocrisy.

I am not for sale.

A cult deceives and chains itís captive.
I have seen a heart receptive
Twisted to a mass of hate
But this will not be my fate.

I have dared to look to Him
To know what is and isnít sin.
To love and love and love again.
To gather ravished faith and stand

To say
I am not for sale!

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