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I once was a Witness by Cal Lehman

I Once Was A Witness

I once was a Witness
and went from door to door
With a book-bag full of magazines
for others to explore

I thought the message they contained
was truthful ní right
So I preached their Kingdom Message
with all my strength and might

I never even questioned
what I was told to say
I thought I was guided
by Godís Faithful Slave

Even when I dared to think
a teaching might be wrong
I was told that I should wait
for God to come along

God would help me understand
the teachings they had wrought
Until He does just go along
with everything they taught

I lived this way for quite a while
for who was I to question
These people made the claim
that they had Godís direction

Put it on the shelf theyíd say
if sense it doesnít make
But pretty soon my shelf was full
and it began to break

I began to wonder
about all their prophecies
Not even one fulfillment
for anyone to see

I began to have my doubts
a practice thatís forbidden
I began to doubt their claims
to be the true religion

I wondered if there might be errors
in their doctrine too
So I read the Bible by itself
to get a clearer view

Then I prayed to Jesus
something they think absurd
I ask Him to help me
to understand Godís Word

I learned things I never knew
about Jesus Christ our Master
It seemed to me He must be God
for prayers He can answer

I ask Jesus in my life
because He's God and Savior
And every day he demonstrates
that I have His favor

My life is better now
then it has ever been
For now I know it's grace not works
that covers all my sin

Cal Lehman 2004

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