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The Ivory Tower by Dan Hall

The Ivory Tower
by Dan Hall

Ode to the Watchtower Governing Body

They sit up high in their Ivory Tower, overseeing all their realm
They dwell in grandest splendor, claiming God sits at the helm

Dwelling in "Never-Never" land; Glory before their time
Sheltered from the mundane world; Their lives are so sublime

They've never had to work a job; With a boss they've never dealt
The fear and dread of the IRS, their hearts have never felt

They have never bills received, with no funds to pay the rent
For every item which they need, they think is "heaven-sent"

They've never had to make a bed; Over household duties toiled
Not cooked a meal or cleaned a mess; Their hands they've never soiled

They've never had to deal with fear; A child not given breath
Nor stood beside a hospital bed, where their little one lay near death

They've never had to go to war, bear the carnage or the slaughter
Never had to stand in silence, to view the rape of wife or daughter

They've never had to suffer as Christ, one bit in all these years
Never felt pain within their hearts; Never, ever cried real tears

They've never had to face a test, like us at Satan's hand
Why we stumble so often, they'll never understand

To us below, they acquiesce, and bestow the title of "brother"
But, never will they lift a hand to the burden they place on another

When we trip and stumble, and fall unto the ground
Don't look for them to pick us up; They'll never be around

And if we weave or wander, slightly off the track
They will gladly throw us out, and never let us back

Do as they say, not as they do, or they will treat us as leaven
For we do not belong with them; They think their end is heaven

They must legislate our lives, for we are simply fools
They don't need to live our lives to simply make the rules

Just sitting in their Ivory Tower, in "Never-Never" land
Seeing none who suffer below their throne; They say:
     "Aren't things just grand?"



Note from the webmaster:
If you were never a Jehovah's Witness you will not recognize the song playing in the background "Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order" meaning of course the "Governing Body" if you were a Jehovah's Witness hopefully you have forgotten it

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