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The Void by Dan Hall


For 50 years I tried, the flesh-life's many dreams

Yet never filled that empty void with all my silly schemes

 I accomplished many things, to make my spirit soar

But when each task was finished, the emptiness grew more

Flesh things are not of spirit; That void they cannot fill

No matter how great the deed; No matter how great the thrill

 No matter how grand the effort; No matter how hard we try

 The flesh is an open chasm, that we can never satisfy

After trying all the flesh-plans, I truly must confess

The only thing which did endure, was that massive emptiness

 Having reached rock bottom, that last strand on my rope

The Lord reached down His loving hand, and filled me with His hope

He filled me with His love and grace, replacing all my stress

 He filled me with His life, and filled that emptiness

 His love, His grace, His life, His all, to me He had employed

 He filled my God-shaped vacuum; He filled my empty void

"Praise to Him!"

(Inspirational Scriptures: Romans chapters 7 & 8)

From "Life In Poetic Verse" by Dan Hall

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