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Works Vs Grace by Dan Hall

Works Vs. Grace

We find religion everywhere; it's man's attempt to win

 Affections of a god created, and to deal with human sin

 They perform and work their flesh-works, so as to appease

 Their god demands performance; A god they cannot please

They say it's grace, then preach to all we must have works to live

 But, God says, no; It's my free gift, that to whom I wish I give

 Eternal life in His grand presence, is only by His grace

 We don't deserve a single thing, for He died in our place

Religion mixes works with grace; the two they try to blend

 As oil and water do not mix, they, the God of grace, offend

 The grace of God is truly pure; There is no other kind

 He does not adulterate His grace with works of humankind

Tis grace on grace, and nothing less or more

Our best deeds are filthy rags; And, what are they good for?

If grace plus works would give us life, all men would credit take

 for all the things which God has done, mostly for our sake

He gave us hope; He gave us life; All we have, He gave

 We may never understand, why us He chose to save

 He asks nothing of us; Just that we believe

in our Lord Christ Jesus; So Him we can receive

Tis grace plus grace, His awesome grace; it's all we can afford

For we can't pay a single thing; So, just say, "Thank You, Lord"

 (Inspirational Scriptures: Gat5:4;3:1,2 ; Rom. 6: 23; lsa. 64: 6; Eph. 2:8,9)

From "Life In Poetic Verse" by Dan Hall

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